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February 20, 2012 Joe + Hoa Engaged!
This shoot was so much fun and we can't wait for the wedding in March!

jh_blog001.jpg jh_blog002.jpg jh_blog003.jpg jh_blog006.jpg jh_blog007.jpg jh_blog008.jpg jh_blog011.jpg jh_blog012.jpg jh_blog015.jpg jh_blog013.jpg jh_blog014.jpg jh_blog017.jpg jh_blog018.jpg jh_blog016.jpg jh_blog019.jpg jh_blog020.jpg jh_blog021.jpg jh_blog022.jpg jh_blog023.jpg jh_E_187.jpg jh_blog025.jpg jh_blog026.jpg jh_blog027.jpg jh_blog028.jpg jh_blog029.jpg
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[February 20, 2012 07:05 AM] Lisa said:
You guys! I love so much about this session! The B&Ws are perfect and I love all the natural moments captured on the street. You rocked it. PS: Love this couple's style too! :)
[February 22, 2012 03:50 PM] Becca said:
I love that last picture! Amazing!!
February 17, 2012 Jason + color
Part 3 in color!

We knew the moment we first met Jason + Summer that they were going to be amazing in front of the camera. Everything rocked from their fun and inspiring engagement session to their exciting 1920's dress-up-style wedding!

Everything about this backyard Calistoga wedding was centered around how loved the bride & groom were. Everyone was so wonderful and full of life and joy and love for one another.

As photographers, the images we capture are somewhat reliant on how comfortable our subjects are with us and as perfect strangers to everyone there, we were still treated like family. Needless to say...BEST PICTURES EVER! :)

lazarou_clr_blog_001.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_002.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_003.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_004.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_005.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_006.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_007.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_008.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_009.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_010.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_011.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_012.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_014.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_015.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_016.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_017.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_018.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_019.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_020.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_021.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_022.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_023.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_024.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_025.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_026.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_027.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_028.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_029.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_030.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_031.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_032.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_033.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_034.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_035.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_036.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_037.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_038.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_039.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_040.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_041.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_042.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_043.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_044.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_045.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_013.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_046.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_047.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_048.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_049.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_050.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_051.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_052.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_053.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_054.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_055.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_056.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_057.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_058.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_059.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_060.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_061.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_062.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_063.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_064.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_065.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_066.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_067.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_068.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_069.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_070.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_071.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_072.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_073.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_074.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_075.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_076.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_077.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_078.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_079.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_080.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_081.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_082.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_083.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_084.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_085.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_086.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_087.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_088.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_089.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_090.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_091.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_092.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_093.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_094.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_095.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_096.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_097.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_098.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_099.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_100.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_101.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_102.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_103.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_104.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_105.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_106.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_107.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_108.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_109.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_110.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_111.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_112.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_113.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_114.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_115.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_116.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_117.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_118.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_119.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_120.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_121.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_122.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_123.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_124.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_125.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_126.jpg
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[February 20, 2012 07:03 AM] Derren said:
Just as many awesome shots in color! Wow, you guys seriously rocked this one!!
Part 2 of Jason + Summer's fun and inspiring backyard Calistoga wedding! The next set will be the pretty colored images.

Happy Wednesday!

lazarou_bw_b_001.jpg lazarou_bw_b_002.jpg lazarou_bw_b_007.jpg lazarou_bw_b_005.jpg lazarou_bw_b_008.jpg lazarou_bw_b_006.jpg lazarou_bw_b_011.jpg lazarou_bw_b_012.jpg lazarou_bw_b_013.jpg lazarou_bw_b_014.jpg lazarou_bw_b_015.jpg lazarou_bw_b_016.jpg lazarou_bw_b_017.jpg lazarou_bw_b_018.jpg lazarou_bw_b_019.jpg lazarou_bw_b_020.jpg lazarou_bw_b_021.jpg lazarou_bw_b_022.jpg lazarou_bw_b_023.jpg lazarou_bw_b_024.jpg lazarou_bw_b_025.jpg lazarou_bw_b_026.jpg lazarou_bw_b_027.jpg lazarou_bw_b_028.jpg lazarou_bw_b_029.jpg lazarou_bw_b_030.jpg lazarou_bw_b_031.jpg lazarou_bw_b_032.jpg lazarou_bw_b_033.jpg lazarou_bw_b_034.jpg lazarou_bw_b_035.jpg lazarou_bw_b_036.jpg lazarou_bw_b_037.jpg lazarou_bw_b_038.jpg lazarou_bw_b_039.jpg lazarou_bw_b_040.jpg lazarou_bw_b_041.jpg lazarou_bw_b_042.jpg lazarou_bw_b_043.jpg lazarou_bw_b_044.jpg lazarou_bw_b_045.jpg lazarou_bw_b_046.jpg lazarou_bw_b_047.jpg lazarou_bw_b_048.jpg lazarou_bw_b_049.jpg lazarou_bw_b_050.jpg lazarou_bw_b_051.jpg lazarou_bw_b_052.jpg lazarou_bw_b_053.jpg lazarou_bw_b_054.jpg lazarou_bw_b_055.jpg lazarou_bw_b_056.jpg lazarou_bw_b_057.jpg lazarou_bw_b_058.jpg lazarou_bw_b_059.jpg lazarou_bw_b_060.jpg lazarou_bw_b_061.jpg lazarou_bw_b_062.jpg lazarou_bw_b_063.jpg lazarou_bw_b_064.jpg lazarou_bw_b_065.jpg lazarou_bw_b_066.jpg lazarou_bw_b_067.jpg lazarou_bw_b_068.jpg lazarou_bw_b_069.jpg lazarou_bw_b_070.jpg lazarou_bw_b_071.jpg lazarou_bw_b_072.jpg lazarou_bw_b_073.jpg lazarou_bw_b_074.jpg lazarou_bw_b_075.jpg lazarou_bw_b_076.jpg lazarou_bw_b_077.jpg lazarou_bw_b_078.jpg lazarou_bw_b_079.jpg lazarou_bw_b_080.jpg lazarou_bw_b_081.jpg lazarou_bw_b_082.jpg lazarou_bw_b_083.jpg lazarou_bw_b_084.jpg lazarou_bw_b_085.jpg lazarou_bw_b_086.jpg lazarou_bw_b_087.jpg lazarou_bw_b_088.jpg lazarou_bw_b_089.jpg lazarou_bw_b_090.jpg lazarou_bw_b_092.jpg lazarou_bw_b_093.jpg lazarou_bw_b_094.jpg lazarou_bw_b_095.jpg lazarou_bw_b_096.jpg lazarou_bw_b_097.jpg lazarou_bw_b_098.jpg lazarou_bw_b_099.jpg lazarou_bw_b_100.jpg lazarou_bw_b_101.jpg lazarou_bw_b_102.jpg lazarou_bw_b_103.jpg lazarou_bw_b_104.jpg lazarou_bw_b_105.jpg lazarou_bw_b_106.jpg lazarou_bw_b_107.jpg lazarou_bw_b_108.jpg lazarou_bw_b_109.jpg lazarou_bw_b_110.jpg lazarou_bw_b_111.jpg lazarou_bw_b_112.jpg lazarou_bw_b_113.jpg lazarou_bw_b_114.jpg lazarou_bw_b_115.jpg lazarou_bw_b_116.jpg lazarou_bw_b_117.jpg
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[February 8, 2012 05:48 PM] Lisa said:
Whoa!! Nice work, you two! Great coverage and creative perspectives. Lots of favorites here. :)
[February 14, 2012 01:57 PM] Derren said:
This is awesome work you two! Such amazing coverage, and so many great moments and wonderful perspectives. Loving it!! Some of your best work!
laz_blog_001.jpg laz_blog_002.jpg laz_blog_003.jpg laz_blog_004.jpg laz_blog_005.jpg laz_blog_006.jpg laz_blog_007.jpg laz_blog_008.jpg laz_blog_009.jpg laz_blog_010.jpg laz_blog_011.jpg laz_blog_012.jpg laz_blog_013.jpg laz_blog_014.jpg laz_blog_015.jpg laz_blog_016.jpg laz_blog_017.jpg laz_blog_018.jpg laz_blog_019.jpg laz_blog_020.jpg laz_blog_021.jpg laz_blog_022.jpg laz_blog_023.jpg laz_blog_024.jpg laz_blog_025.jpg laz_blog_026.jpg

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[February 8, 2012 08:41 AM] Sophie said:
These are great! Look forward to seeing the wedding shots too!
January 13, 2012 Neal + Shelbie Enagaged!
neal_shelbie_e006.jpg neal_shelbie_e005.jpg neal_shelbie_e007.jpg neal_shelbie_e008.jpg neal_shelbie_e009.jpg neal_shelbie_e015.jpg neal_shelbie_e016.jpg neal_shelbie_e010.jpg neal_shelbie_e011.jpg neal_shelbie_e012.jpg weber_291.jpg weber_287.jpg neal_shelbie_e004.jpg neal_shelbie_e003.jpg neal_shelbie_e002.jpg neal_shelbie_e001.jpg neal_shelbie_e017.jpg neal_shelbie_e018.jpg neal_shelbie_e019.jpg neal_shelbie_e020.jpg neal_shelbie_e021.jpg neal_shelbie_e022.jpg neal_shelbie_e023.jpg neal_shelbie_e024.jpg neal_shelbie_e025.jpg neal_shelbie_e026.jpg neal_shelbie_e027.jpg neal_shelbie_e031.jpg neal_shelbie_e028.jpg neal_shelbie_e029.jpg weber_097.jpg neal_shelbie_e030.jpg neal_shelbie_e032.jpg neal_shelbie_e033.jpg neal_shelbie_e034.jpg neal_shelbie_e035.jpg neal_shelbie_e036.jpg neal_shelbie_e037.jpg neal_shelbie_e038.jpg neal_shelbie_e039.jpg neal_shelbie_e040.jpg neal_shelbie_e041.jpg neal_shelbie_e042.jpg neal_shelbie_e049.jpg neal_shelbie_e043.jpg neal_shelbie_e044.jpg neal_shelbie_e048.jpg neal_shelbie_e047.jpg
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[January 14, 2012 01:27 AM] The Weber's said:
AH! celebrity status on the blog! :D LOVE this and LOVE you two and Inner Machine WAAAAAYYY More!!
[January 14, 2012 01:27 AM] The Weber's said:
AH! celebrity status on the blog! :D LOVE this and LOVE you two and Inner Machine WAAAAAYYY More!!
[January 14, 2012 01:45 AM] Michael Brinsley said:
Love the Love... you guys ROCK! There are certain things family's know... but barely capturing the pictures of the love that you two show!@ Rock On! Smooth... and Beautiful. Kudo's.
[January 18, 2012 03:25 AM] Sophie said:
Wow! Beautifull. I love the shots in the mist with the yellow coat!
[January 21, 2012 07:43 PM] Yasmin {floral theory} said:
Shelbie and Neal are such a beautiful pair. Camera loves them! Paco and Betty you two captured some amazing shots - especially love the close up shots. Excited to see the wedding day images. xo yasmin
[February 14, 2012 01:58 PM] Derren said:
Ok, so this is an awesome session too! So many things I love about this one, there's not even space to write about it. You guys rock!!
[February 22, 2012 04:22 PM] Becca said:
they are gorgeous!
January 9, 2012 Us!
Love these images our associate photographer, Natalie took of us! Natalie, you are amazing!

parker_nat_blog_001.jpg parker_nat_blog_002.jpg parker_nat_blog_003.jpg parker_nat_blog_004.jpg parker_nat_blog_005.jpg parker_nat_blog_006.jpg parker_nat_blog_007.jpg parker_nat_blog_008.jpg parker_nat_blog_009.jpg parker_nat_blog_010.jpg parker_nat_blog_011.jpg parker_nat_blog_012.jpg parker_nat_blog_013.jpg parker_nat_blog_014.jpg parker_nat_blog_015.jpg parker_nat_blog_016.jpg parker_nat_blog_017.jpg parker_nat_blog_018.jpg parker_nat_blog_019.jpg

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[January 9, 2012 11:52 AM] Paco said:
Woots! Go Natalie! So much fun working with you and the images are freaking fantastic! Muchisimo Gracias!
January 5, 2012 Happy 2nd Birthday Gisele!
Our little friend Gisele turned 2 today and we decided what could be better than to dress up and take some 2-yr old birthday portraits! Our puppy and Gisele's best friend, Sadie got to join in on the fun too :)

The hair fastener in Gisele's hair is by Ink and Button :)
The mustache prop is by Little Retreats

gisele_2_blog_001.jpg gisele_2_blog_002.jpg gisele_2_blog_003.jpg gisele_2_blog_004.jpg gisele_2_blog_005.jpg gisele_2_blog_006.jpg gisele_2_blog_007.jpg gisele_2_blog_008.jpg gisele_2_blog_009.jpg gisele_2_blog_010.jpg gisele_2_blog_011.jpg gisele_2_blog_012.jpg gisele_2_blog_013.jpg gisele_2_blog_014.jpg gisele_2_blog_015.jpg gisele_2_blog_016.jpg gisele_2_blog_017.jpg gisele_2_blog_018.jpg gisele_2_blog_019.jpg gisele_2_blog_020.jpg gisele_2_blog_021.jpg gisele_2_blog_022.jpg gisele_2_blog_023.jpg gisele_2_blog_024.jpg gisele_2_blog_025.jpg gisele_2_blog_026.jpg
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[January 6, 2012 12:56 AM] Priscilla Francine Makeup said:
I love the different angles captured... she is too cute!!!
[January 6, 2012 12:19 PM] Linda Edson said:
Ahh I love these!! You're amazing! you need to add one of you
Marcellos and I decided that we wanted to start off 2012 by ending 2011 on a great note and better way to do that then to throw a NYE Mad Men party??? ...and so we did.

Props on a stick by Little Retreats on Etsy
 nye_2011_001.jpg nye_2011_004.jpg nye_2011_006.jpg nye_2011_014.jpg nye_2011_017.jpg nye_2011_018.jpg nye_2011_020.jpg nye_2011_025.jpg nye_2011_031.jpg nye_2011_033.jpg nye_2011_039.jpg nye_2011_046.jpg nye_2011_055.jpg nye_2011_070.jpg nye_2011_081.jpg nye_2011_090.jpg nye_2011_095.jpg nye_2011_101.jpg nye_2011_103.jpg nye_2011_104.jpg
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[January 6, 2012 11:46 AM] Tiffany M said:
Great job! I have always wanted to throw a Mad Men themed party. You have provided some great inspiration!!!
November 2, 2011 Wren and Family!
lange_blog_001.jpg lange_blog_002.jpg lange_blog_003.jpg lange_blog_004.jpg lange_blog_005.jpg lange_blog_006.jpg lange_blog_007.jpg lange_blog_008.jpg lange_blog_009.jpg lange_blog_010.jpg lange_blog_011.jpg lange_blog_012.jpg lange_blog_013.jpg lange_blog_014.jpg lange_blog_015.jpg lange_blog_016.jpg lange_blog_017.jpg lange_blog_018.jpg lange_blog_019.jpg lange_blog_020.jpg lange_blog_021.jpg lange_blog_022.jpg lange_blog_023.jpg lange_blog_024.jpg lange_blog_025.jpg lange_blog_026.jpg lange_blog_027.jpg lange_blog_028.jpg lange_blog_029.jpg lange_blog_030.jpg lange_blog_031.jpg lange_blog_032.jpg lange_blog_033.jpg lange_blog_034.jpg lange_blog_035.jpg lange_blog_036.jpg lange_blog_037.jpg lange_blog_038.jpg lange_blog_039.jpg lange_blog_040.jpg lange_blog_041.jpg lange_blog_042.jpg lange_blog_043.jpg lange_blog_044.jpg lange_blog_045.jpg lange_blog_046.jpg lange_blog_047.jpg lange_blog_048.jpg lange_blog_049.jpg
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[November 2, 2011 11:38 PM] Courtenay Lange said:
I'm so in love with your talent Whitney! And even more so with my family after seeing these. Thank you, thank you, thank you; I can't wait to see the rest!
[November 6, 2011 10:47 AM] Lisa said:
oh man, this is such a great shoot guys. So much fun personality here and creative perspectives. And her tights are amazing! :) xo
October 13, 2011 Jesse + Samantha Engaged!
Oh Jesse & Sam...such a sweet couple. We met them doing a Funbooth at a birthday party last year. They must have liked all the crazy things we made them do, he he. I loved how easy going they are to shoot, it's always a win win situation when our clients let us do what we do best! We shot this at Golden Gate Park, a place we often go because it's big and beautiful with lots of wonderful places to choose from.

js_B_001.jpg js_B_002.jpg js_B_003.jpg js_B_004.jpg js_B_005.jpg js_B_006.jpg js_B_007.jpg js_B_008.jpg js_B_009.jpg js_B_010.jpg js_B_011.jpg js_B_012.jpg js_B_013.jpg js_B_014.jpg js_B_015.jpg js_B_016.jpg js_B_017.jpg js_B_018.jpg js_B_019.jpg js_B_020.jpg js_B_021.jpg js_B_022.jpg js_B_023.jpg js_B_024.jpg js_B_025.jpg js_B_026.jpg js_B_027.jpg
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